Saturday, January 19, 2008

Higher Education in China

Higher or tertiary education in China includes regular universities, adult universities, university colleges, advanced vocational institutions as well as other alternative forms of higher education institutions.     1.Higher education institutions  According to the 2002 education report published by the Ministry of Education, by 2002, there were 16 million students at higher education institutions and the gross enrolment rate was 15%.  In the year, 5,428,200 senior secondary school graduates were enrolled into regular universities and advanced vocational colleges. This included 3,205,000 students enrolled into regular higher education institutions and 2,223,200 were enrolled by adult higher education institutions, which was 522,200 and 263,900, respectively, more than in the previous year. The number of students at regular and adult higher education institutions and advanced vocational schools reached 14,625,200, with 9,033,600 at regular universities, 5,591,600 at adult higher education institutions. .......... more details

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