Friday, January 25, 2008

All our fabrics are hand- woven on fly- shuttle looms with the aid of a jacquard device and on simple back strap looms.

It is here that master weavers work the loom to churn out a plethora of fabrics in various designs and hues to meet the exacting standards, be it of the traditional designs or the custom ordered ones of our very valued and discerning customers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

U.S. Higher Education

U.S. Regional Accrediting Organizations
Accreditation by one of these bodies is the basis for recognition of degrees and acceptance of transfer credit at UT Austin, and for inclusion in the Web U.S. Higher Education lists. ........... view details

French higher education in brief

Let's take a look at the main features of French higher education. The French system offers lots of flexibility and lots of choices at every step on the academic ladder.
  1. What type of institution is right for me ?
  2. What's the difference between short and long degree programs ?
  3. Why are there so many different degrees and diplomas in France ?
  4. How are French academic programs organized ?
  5. What's it going to cost me ?
  6. Where should I study ?
  7. What else do I need to consider ?

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Higher Education

Education Portal - University/Higher Education
The Education Portal is the online entry point to a comprehensive array of Australian Government information and services concerning all aspects and levels of education in Australia. On this part of the Education Portal, you can find links to university and higher education information and resources.
Going to Uni: higher education for students in Australia
This site provides information about higher education, as well as sections on fees, loans and scholarships, courses and providers, resources and overseas study. It also incorporates a Course Search, representing courses offered across Australia, and myUniAssist, a secure portal where students can log in to check their entitlements and loan balances.

higher education uk

This is a list of further and higher educational institutions in the United Kingdom. Any corrections and amendments will be welcome. Please note that, at the moment, it's one entry per college so colleges with several campuses will only have one of those campusese represented. ....... view details

Higher Education in Switzerland

The number of students at Swiss Universities is constantly increasing. For foreign students, it is therefore not always possible to be admitted to a university, despite the increasing international mobility. In addition, some courses are so popular that there have occasionally been no places at all!
There are twelve official higher education establishments in Switzerland (ten cantonal Universities and two Federal institutes of technology), as well as a number of other colleges of higher education.
The academic year is divided into two semesters: winter from October to March, and summer from April to July. The total length of study up to the first academic exam is usually four to five years, depending on the course, with six years for medical studies .....view details

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Higher Education in Malayasia

In partnership with the University of Malaya and ICC Consulting, Inc. of Malaysia, conducted a week-long seminar in Malaysia on university budgeting and management for 40 senior officials from Malaysia’s public universities and the Malaysian Ministry of Education.. view details

Higher Education in Hong Kong

City University is one of the institutions funded by the University Grants Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The following websites provide information on higher education in Hong Kong...... view details

Higher Education in China

Higher or tertiary education in China includes regular universities, adult universities, university colleges, advanced vocational institutions as well as other alternative forms of higher education institutions.     1.Higher education institutions  According to the 2002 education report published by the Ministry of Education, by 2002, there were 16 million students at higher education institutions and the gross enrolment rate was 15%.  In the year, 5,428,200 senior secondary school graduates were enrolled into regular universities and advanced vocational colleges. This included 3,205,000 students enrolled into regular higher education institutions and 2,223,200 were enrolled by adult higher education institutions, which was 522,200 and 263,900, respectively, more than in the previous year. The number of students at regular and adult higher education institutions and advanced vocational schools reached 14,625,200, with 9,033,600 at regular universities, 5,591,600 at adult higher education institutions. .......... more details

Singapore - Higher Education

When Singapore became independent in 1965 there was only one university, the University of Singapore. Its predecessor was the University of Malaya which was established in 1949 with the merger of two institutions—The King Edward VII College of Medicine and the Raffles College: which had been established in 1928 for the study of arts and science. In 1958, in anticipation of the grant of full internal self-government to Singapore, two joint committees were appointed to examine the possibility of creating two autonomous organizations respectively for Malaya and Singapore. Accordingly, in 1959, the university was restructured into two autonomous divisions located in Malaya's capital, Kuala Lumpur, and in Singapore. Two years later, the division was formalized. On the New Year's Day in 1962, the University of Singapore was formally launched. ....... more details

Education System in Russia

Education System in RussiaRussia has a long-standing tradition in high-quality education for all citizens. It probably has also one of the best mass-eduction systems in the world producing a literacy rate (98%) exceeding most Western European countries. Education is split into a compulsory Basic Education, and ongoing Higher Education..... more details

New Zealand is reputed the world over for the quality education that the colleges and universities in the country provide. The country has a progressi

New Zealand is reputed the world over for the quality education that the colleges and universities in the country provide. The country has a progressive education system with state-of-the-art latest facilities. Unparalleled study opportunities and excellent support services for international students make the country a favorite destination for higher education. There are courses available in academic, professional and vocational fields.
Higher education in New Zealand closely resembles the British pattern. Students pursuing higher education in New Zealand need to have self-direction as most courses are taught via lectures, labs and tutorials. ....... view details

higher education in japan

College entrance is based largely on the scores that students achieved in entrance examinations (jap. nyƫgaku shiken). Private institutions accounted for nearly 80 % of all university enrollments in 1991, but with a few exceptions, the public national universities are the most highly regarded. This distinction had its origins in historical factors--the long years of dominance of the select imperial universities, such as Tokyo and Kyoto universities, which trained Japan's leaders before the war--and also in differences in quality, particularly in facilities and faculty ratios. In addition, certain prestigious employers, notably the government and select large corporations, continue to restrict their hiring of new employees to graduates of the most esteemed universities. There is a close link between university background and employment opportunity. Because Japanese society places such store in academic credentials, the competition to enter the prestigious universities is keen......... more details

Higher Education in Japan

Japanese Universities and Colleges - Japan Higher Education
Aichi Bunkyo University
Aichi Gakuin University
Aichi Gakusen University
Aichi Institute of Technology
Aichi Medical University
Aichi Prefectural University
Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
Aichi Sangyo University
Aichi Shukutoku University .......... more details

Ireland Higher Education

Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for students from all over the world. The friendliness and hospitality for which Irish people are renowned, contribute to the ease with which overseas students adapt to the way of life and in particular, student life.

Having developed from being a predominantly agricultural economy in the 1950s Ireland is now a thoroughly modern nation with well developed manufacturing and international services sectors and has the highest economic growth rate in the E.U. - hence the title 'The Celtic Tiger'. The educated workforce produced in Ireland by the education system has been a key factor in attracting international investment to the country and in the growth of the modern technological industries which have helped make Ireland one of the fastest growing economies in the world..... details click here ...

Higher Education in GERMANY

In Germany there are at present some 312 state and state-recognised higher education institutions divided into three types. There are two semesters each academic year. The standard study period in which a degree programme can be completed is at least eight to ten semesters at universities and at Fachhochschulen six semesters, or eight semesters for degree programmes with integrated practical semesters.
These comprise universities and equivalent higher education institutions such as technical universities, comprehensive universities (Gesamthochschulen) and specialised institutions at university level (eg. for medicine, sport, administrative studies, philosophy and theology).
Only universities and equivalent institutions are entitled to confer doctorates........... more details

Higher Education and Employment in Canada

A guide to Canadian universities, community colleges and Career Colleges
Includes profiles of universities, colleges and career colleges/trade schools in Canada along with their various certificate, diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs of study. Canadian-Universities.Net also provides information for getting into a Canadian university or college or advancing to post-graduate studies. For those seeking employment, the site also includes Canadian job and career resources for current students, recent graduates, volunteering and those seeking a career change working in Canada. Canadian Campus Newswire provides categorized and up-to-date access to the latest news released by universities in Canada. ....................... more details

Higher Learning dubai

Abu Dhabi University - Contains colleges of arts and science, engineering and computer science, business administration, and an English language institute that offers language foundation programs.

Academic Integration Network - Website for the students of the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain featuring students activities and events, campus maps, related links, and news.

Ajman University of Science and Technology - Network of universities in the Emirates with campuses in Ajman, Al Ain and Fujairah. Includes profile, registration, faculties, alumni and contact details.

George Mason University in Ras Al Khaimah - Branch of the US-based university, offering undergraduate degree programs in engineering and information technology, business administration, and biology.

Ittihad University - Unaccredited university in Ras Al Khaimah offering BA programs in engineering, computer studies, business information systems, teaching and translating english. more details.............

Bangladesh :: Education

Education arena in Bangladesh is not so developed. Literacy rate is low and there is a significant disparity between female and male literacy rates. However, with on going awareness of both the government and NGO's, literacy rate has been going up. Bangladesh gets International Literacy Prize 1998 from UNESCO for its ongoing literacy rate. It is targeted that, the country will be illiteracy-free by the year 2005.
The education system is divided into 4 levels-- Primary (from grades 1 to 5), Secondary (from grades 6 to 10), Higher Secondary (from grades 11 to 12) and tertiary. Alongside national educating system, English medium education is also provided by some private enterprises. They offer 'A' level and 'O' level courses. There is also Madrasa system which emphasizes on Arabic medium Islam-based education. This system is supervised by the lone Madrasa Board of the country. ..............

Ratan Tata (Commitment) unveils Rs 1-lakh car 'Nano'

Ratan Tata (Commitment) unveils Rs 1-lakh car 'Nano'

Ratan Tata unveils what is perhaps the most-hyped four-wheeler of the year at the Auto Expo show in New Delhi. Nano is priced at Rs 1 lakh, excluding taxes. Tata Motors on Thursday unveiled its 'People's Car', the 4-door Nano, which will be the world's cheapest car with a dealer price of 100,000 rupees. Following are some details on the car, which was presented at the Auto Expo in New Delhi.
The car has a 624cc engine and is priced at about half that of the current cheapest car in the market, the Maruti 800. The new car will do 20 km per litre, it will have lower pollution levels than a two-wheeler and will meet all foreign environmental criteria. World's cheapest car

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